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Almighty Cash Box v2.0

Upload date: 2010-11-21
Size: 97.8 kB

What is Almighty Cash Box?
This add-on / addon is a new, very powerful cash box for webSPELL CMS.
[toggle=read more]
It is possible to add new payments and member contributions. Moreover you can define recurrences for ...

DL: 1254
Comments: 0
Auto Login v1.1

Upload date: 2010-11-11
Size: 8.23 kB

What is Autologin?
This webSPELL mod adds to your login an auto login check box.
So it is possible to get automatically logged in your homepage.
Was ist Autologin?
Diese webSPELL Mod fügt eine Checkbox zum Login ...

DL: 1167
Comments: 0
Forum Topic Actions v1.0

Upload date: 2010-11-11
Size: 17.09 kB

What is Forum Topic Actions?
This webSPELL mod allows you to delete/move/sticky/close several forum topics at the same time!
More information can be found in the readMe file.
Was ist Forum Topic Actions?
Mit ...

DL: 2839
Comments: 0
Calendar Repeat V1.0 BETA 1

Upload date: 2010-09-12
Size: 23.71 kB

This webSPELL mod allows you to set recurrences for events in your webspell calendar.
More information can be found in the readMe file (can be found in the download)
Was ist CALENDAR ...

DL: 876
Comments: 0
webSPELL 4.2.2a Society Edition

Upload date: 2010-05-05
Size: 1.33 MB


DL: 995
Comments: 0
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Date: Rubric: Headline: comm: Author:
21.11.2010 Almighty Cashbox United Kingdom Almighty Cash Box v2.0 released!
Germany Almighty Cash Box v2.0 veröffentlicht!
0 iflow
09.03.2009 New Mod United Kingdom Register Referral v1.0 - New webspell Modification!
Germany Register Referral v1.0 - Neue Webspell Modifikation!
0 iflow
23.01.2009 Misc United Kingdom Security Fix 2009-01-22b for webSPELL 4.01.02
Germany Security Fix 2009-01-22b für webSPELL 4.01.02
0 iflow
08.01.2009 New Addon United Kingdom Banner Exchange V1.0
Germany Banner Exchange V1.0
0 iflow
24.06.2008 New Addon United Kingdom Calendar List View V1.0
Germany Calendar List View V1.0
1 iflow
18.06.2008 Misc United Kingdom FILE ARCHIVE
0 iflow
07.06.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Calendar Repeat V1.0 BETA 1
Germany Calendar Repeat V1.0 BETA 1
0 iflow
20.03.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Comment-Message V1.0
Germany Comment-Message V1.0
0 iflow
17.03.2008 New Mod United Kingdom File Comments v1.0
Germany File Comments v1.0
0 iflow
17.03.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Poll-only-registered V1.0
Germany Poll-only-registered V1.0
0 iflow
12.03.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Latesttopics Special Icons V1.0
Germany Latesttopics Special Icons V1.0
0 iflow
10.03.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Calendar - Monday - First v1.0
0 iflow
29.02.2008 New Mod United Kingdom Auto Login Modification 1.0
0 iflow
01.02.2008 Almighty Cashbox Germany Almighty-Cashbox: Bugreport
0 iflow
06.01.2008 Almighty Cashbox United Kingdom Almighty-Cashbox 1.0 BETA 2
0 iflow
05.01.2008 New Addon United Kingdom New Addon: Almighty Cashbox v1.0 Beta
0 iflow
03.08.2007 New Template United Kingdom iflow FREE Design
0 iflow
03.04.2007 Misc United Kingdom iflow HP online
Germany iflow's HP online
0 iflow
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